LinkedIn Addresses Audience Network, Mid-Roll Ad Transparency Problem with Publisher Lists

Purchase ads through LinkedIn never understand always that these ads were published on LinkedIn as well. May be they run some other websites and apps. Advertising the ads is link the brand and the users directly. The uncertainly the problem they face when they choose a LinkedIn medium for advertisement is the lack of consistency and transparency.

Now LinkedIn try to make a list publisher that help advertiser to understand that by whom apps, articles, websites and other are show on ads.

LinkedIn will still not be providing advertisers with a lists of their ads actually appeared. Instead LinkedIn will provide advertisers with lists of where their ads could potentially appear, though LinkedIn could eventually also provide after-the-fact lists of where their ads actually did appear.

Here LinkedIn is doing some report through which the ads which is running with different platform. By the end of 2017, they acquire an advertiser video to run across the medium.

The expose of where brands ads may seem could satisfy major ad buyers, like WPP’s who have thought back from buying this black-box inventory from LinkedIn over a lack of transparency and control.

LinkedIn offers advertisers some control over their Audience Network, Instant Articles and video ad campaigns, like choosing not to buy that inventory, blocking individual publishers and choosing to exclude their ads from running on certain content categories like “dating,” “debatable social issues,” “gambling,” “mature” and “tragedy and conflict.” But agency should able to know where exactly the ads they’re buying will or did appear.

A Dissertation Help publisher lists may help, but only to a point. The idea is that advertisers can scan these lists to see if any publishers are included that they don’t want to feature their ads. If so, advertisers can add those publishers to the block lists LinkedIn rolled out last year to bar brands’ ads from running on their sites or apps, though advertisers will be limited we able to know that how many publishers they can block.

LinkedIn will provide you an advertisers list of all the publishers on which a campaign you run, advertisers will only be able to block a certain number of publishers. LinkedIn is still figuring out the specific number. A product marketing director of LinkedIn. He said an edge is necessary so that advertisers don’t use these lists to select individual publishers and buy their inventory through Audience Network, where the prices may also lower if bought directly from the publisher.

Advertiser targeting particular publishers can create sales channel conflict problems for our publisher partners. The prevention of sales channel conflicts is also why LinkedIn had kept Audience Network as a black box to advertisers; if publishers thought advertisers would try to use the ad network to buy their inventory on the cheap, publishers wouldn’t be willing to give LinkedIn that inventory to sell.

Talking of block lists, LinkedIn is making it easier for advertisers to manage and apply their block lists. In the past, advertisers had to create block lists for each set of ads, if advertisers wanted to block certain publishers for certain campaigns. For advertisers who want to block publishers for all campaigns, “It’s essentially a ‘set it and forget it’ type control for advertisers.

LinkedIn will also change with a new control for advertisers ranging their LinkedIn video ads across Audience Network to decide which placement types they do or do not want to buy. Advertisers will be given two placement options: in-stream or “other” (video ads appearing outside of a video player, such as within a content feed). An advertiser feeling guilty about irritating people with interested video ads can now pick out of that placement.

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