5 Reasons why living in a villa is the ultimate dream

A quiet villa is a dream come true for many people living in the IT hub of Bangalore. As the needs for independent homes gather steam for double-income professionals, there are many villa plots in north Bangalore that have been sold as ideal property investments. The realty sector cycle has changed to make Bangalore a garden city once more. The best way is to live in a stylish villa with a beautiful garden. And this is just one reason that is drawing professionals northwards. As the divide between South and North of the city widens there are other motivating factors that have changed the mindsets of people to shift to building villas of their choice. We list a few more reasons to make the villa an ultimate dream for homebuyers in the Karnataka capital.

Villas redefined for modern living

The earlier concept of isolated homes, far-away farmhouses have exposed chinks in the security armours. The new villas offer space for kids and pets also who need to breathe and live in their own space.

  • As times have changed, the need to move out of congested extended families is gaining ground. In a way the era for extended families is over. Nuclear families are on the rise. As NRIs are homeward bound, they also want privacy and an international standard of living.
  • The need to upgrade settlement structures to contemporary usage is also a valid reason for villa demands. A Georgian façade offers an old world visual. Inside, the home can have the trappings of modern plumbing and individualistic décor. There are other styles like Dutch and French chateaus that are becoming popular.
  • New-age architects have re-introduced the art décor, retro styles of homes that are popular worldwide. Bangalore is already seeing construction of many styles, which resemble European homes of the 17th to the 19th century.
  • The need to be environmental friendly has also spiked for healthy living with space for gardening and walking in parks. In gated communities there are more amenities like Gyms, walking and jogging tracks to keep you physically fit.
  • Quality living, spending time with family after work is another reason modern villas are redefining the space and its habitats. An ideal independent home offers the privilege to have a morning coffee in the garden overlooking a scenic lake. This is one reason why people escape to the hills. With a villa with nature around there will be other reasons to travel!
Magic of new villas

The residential plots in North Bangalore offer a stream of such reasons for people to consider making investments a little outside the city. Places like Devanahalli offer a natural landscape to settle. It is not too much distant from the workplace in the city and also a perfect detour to come back and relax. Imagine, being able to come home soon after work and going out for cycling with your teenage children- or spending some time in the pool with them. There is a tangible buzz as more developers offer clear titles to homebuyers. As they have taken the trouble to change the land around they are offering plots with clear titles for ownership. Currently, the land for sale in north Bangalore is affordable, as the area has been released for residential plots. The natural setting brings a taste of healthy living. As one is able to buy the plot and make it, you can draw your own privacy line.

Actually there are more reasons for villas that are becoming the ultimate dream for the new generation. Developers are offering options to buy the plots in peaceful surroundings. These properties can no longer be ignored as a single plots for sale in chikkaballapur can start from 3500 square feet and can be as large as 10,000 square feet. It is high time you personalize your dream home-not in a flat but in a spacious villa.

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