Georgian, French or Dutch: Which colonial architecture to choose for your own villa

When it comes to understanding architecture, it is not only about the outdoor style to impress the neighbours. But it is a collective nuance that collaborates design, functionality and utility for the owners. In India, many foreign rulers had left their stamp. They were of British, French, Dutch and Portuguese origins. The ‘colonial bungalows as they are called continue to attract people to the old world charm. New generations of property owners now like to choose colonial architecture designs to move into independent villas. In North Bangalore, where upmarket gentry is moving towards gated community plots, the Georgian, French and Dutch styling is dominant. Perhaps, you would like to know how these distinct European styles have become popular. If you are looking for plots for sale in Bangalore, North, then the following information can help you make a decision.

Description of Georgian, French and Dutch architecture

Unless you are familiar with the three trending architectural styles, it will be difficult to choose which will be the right design for your taste and family requirement. Let’s begin with the most popular Georgian design that dominated 17th-century Britain. Built in the classic style, this style was preferred by King George from I-V generations.  Colonies in England followed this style across various towns. These are distinctly different from those built in America during the same period. Property developers chose to build independent villas with a square garden which is a feature in Georgian homes. A symmetry of columns are common characteristics of such homes. They have their origins in Roman public buildings and many people prefer home plans that gave the same imperial look. When the British came to India they had architects do up their villas and homes in such impressive designs. The Bangalore Military School is a typical example of this type of architecture. There are plots for sale in north Bangalore that can be developed in a similar way.

The French have always had a leaning towards geometry and manicured look. That reflects on their building and construction of homes. While a villa is more of a Roman home, in India it has a French accent. It is quite common in urban spaces like New Delhi, Bangalore, and also farmhouses spread in the countryside. A French villa is actually a chateau that is amiable for royal living meant for kings. The building style encompasses features of 16th century country homes to 19th century neo-classical structures in the suburbs. Bangalore also has a French influence. Many developers are offering this beautiful style that builds castles in the air. They have a distinct gothic feature that has been adopted even in Britain. When the French colonised India, they had built homes similar to what they have in their countryside. High walls (older version of modern skyscrapers), arches, gallery, high ceiling are other outstanding features. The majestic structures stood on the skyline like royalty. Can you get this style in Bangalore? Yes, there are gated community plots in North Bangalore where such a style can be adopted. What’s more, it has the modern amenities like club house, swimming pools and security systems to match.

The Dutch also had a fairly good presence in India. They have also left behind their beautiful architectural style. Now being adopted by many new developers to attract property buyers, it brings another European aspect to Indian living. The canal houses of Amsterdam are often the best example of the style. The farmhouses are often square shaped. It is an ideal plot design for organic farming or growing a garden. Originally they were meant for the family and also livestock like hens and ducks. Now if you wish to do that in North Bangalore, it is entirely up to you! You can opt for a shelter for your family and a pet, perhaps.

When you buy a plot of land it is not only the exterior architecture that will define the home. The inside can be more discerning while the outside structure may reflect a global characteristic.

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