How the Dell Inspiron 15 3000 Can Help You

The Dell Inspiron is the product manufactured by Dell as one of those belonging to the range of laptop computers targeted towards consumers of entry level. Early models had been equipped with a Mobile Celeron or a Mobile Pentium II processor and SDRAM. The Inspiron consists mainly of the mid-level computer systems from competing with Acer Aspire, Toshiba Satellite and HP Pavilion. The first basic advantage is that one need not pay a huge sum of money to get a touch screen, large Windows laptop. However, if you end up buying a wrong notebook that merely fits the budget; you will end up with a dud in your hands. So, Dell Inspiron 15 3000 offers its accurate 15.6-inch touch screen display, absolutely solid audio along with a full-sized keyboard, the AMD A6 processor might not seem to be powerful enough to many but works fine.

Source: Dell

The specifications are as follows:

The CPU will get your work done with its 1.8 GHz AMD A6-6310 APU. Operating System is Windows 10 with a RAM of 4GB and Hard Drive Size of 500GB. Native Resolution is 1366x768, while the display size is 15.6 and an optical drive supporting DVD+RW. Graphics Card is AMD Radeon R4. The Touchpad Size is 2 1/2 x 4 1/4 inches. Ports for Ethernet, ports for HDMI, ports for headphones and proprietary. Ports for security lock slot, ports of USB 3.0, ports of USB 2.0.Three USB Ports with card slots and supports SD memory reader. Users get a limited warranty and support for a year. Size is 5 x 10.5 x 1.0 inches and it weighs 5.3 pounds.

How great is the display?

Tech experts have been quite impressed with the display. If you turn on any trailer say for instance that of Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens, you get to see even the stitching on the mask of Rey. The colors in trailers for Finding Dory seem totally accurate, with Dory and Nemo rendered in the accurate shades of blue and orange. Inspiron 15 3000's display registers 221 nits when it comes to brightness, but brighter than HP 15t Touch (162 nits), or brighter than Inspiron 15 5000 (177 nits) or Satellite Radius 14 (182 nits), which have displays of 1366 x 768. As per the colorimeter, this Inspiron 15 3000 produces about 62.4 per cent of sRGB color gamut, that is actually wider than the HP 15t Touch (61.5 per cent).

What about the touchpad and keyboard?

The design of this new Inspiron is definitely one step higher from the rest, from the plastic heavy look, with brushed metal patterns on wrist rest as well as on the keyboard tray (though materials seem to be very plastic). However, the back seems similar to the previous Inspirons, with the typical Dell logo surrounded by solid glossy colors (colors may be blue, black, pink or red). The chassis bears a tapered design which makes it inner on its front lip, fairly chunky towards the rear. As mentioned already, it has a metallic and silver wrist rest that is offset by its matte black keyboard. Keys are flat-topped, packed closely, and the wide 15.6-inch body permits number pads to sit at the right of its keyboard, although these number pad keys are narrow. This laptop’s keyboard feature keys that are healthy, including its right and huge Shift key, however the arrow keys are small. The touch pad, not larger than the previous Dell pads, possesses a matte surface with no stickiness of the glossy predecessors. It supports basic multi touch gestures, and medium-sized mouse buttons have been placed below it.

How does it perform?

Dell Inspiron 15 3000 is powered by a processor of 1.8-GHz AMD A6-6310; a 4GB RAM; 500GB, 5,400 RPM hard drive. This one has hardly any difficulty in coping up with activity. With multiple Chrome tabs open say for instance with Google docs and streaming music the cursor will not freeze.

What about the audio?

As Inspiron 15 3000 has filled large conference rooms earlier (as seen in many videos available online) its speakers are undoubtedly impressive, which feature Waves MaxxAudio enhancement technology. With a song, the lows and mids in a song's layered and dense percussion will come clear, and highs of tracks like Halen's solos will sound strong and pleasing to the ear.

Does it heat too much?

After Inspiron 15 3000 streams for say 35 minutes of playing HD video, top of that machine stays cool, with touch pads and keyboards registering average temperatures.

Wrapping up:

Most of the tech experts have already appreciated Dell Inspiron 15 3000's, its solid speakers. This could be your laptop with battery life above average, similarly high performance, a standard touch pad and a keyboard makes this a compelling option. With Inspiron 15 3000, you will feel that paying the premium was just worth it. With challenges mounting up in your daily life, accompanied by the ever-increasing workload, and with a desire to reach the zenith of innovation, it is high time you adopt the future ready technology to grow business through agile, secure, environment or perform better at your workplace.

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