Top 10 Shots Your Wedding Videographer in Delhi Shouldn’t Miss

Weddings are a once in a lifetime event and the most important one for many. We spend precious time, money and energy to make the day perfect and want to remember every detail of it. But, human memory is short lived and hence, we need the assistance of wedding Photographers and videographers to capture the moments which we can re-live years later.

Contemporary weddings in India are full of glitz and glamour, especially in its capital Delhi. Who can ignore the brightly colored lehengas and sherwanis, the heavily decked up ‘ghodi’ and the extravagant ‘band-baaja-baraat’? All of these are worth capturing and retaining for life.

While we understand that an experienced videographer will always shot the right moments, there is no harm in telling him beforehand which events must feature in your wedding video. So, here is a list of top 10 wedding shots, a candid wedding videographer in Delhi must capture.

Exchange of rings on engagement: This marks the beginning of a lovely story and thus is extremely important. Ask your videographer to shot the rings before they are worn and also get close-ups of hands wearing them.

Some candid moments together: This is your chance to feature with your beloved without a married tag. So, enjoy the most and allow your videographer to shot some candid yet quirky moments.

Your haldi smeared face: You might not realize this, but a haldi smeared face looks lovely on films. Laugh your heart out with your pals and enjoy every moment.
Your mehendi adorned palms: Modern mehendi artists are able to make designs which are as good as artwork. Get zoomed shots of your limbs so that you never forget the lovely patterns.

Your blockbuster performance on Sangeet: Aha! This one you have been practicing for so long to impress your bae. No doubt you have mastered the moves. Now preserve it for good in your video.
Getting ready: Many women dream about their wedding look even before crossing adolescence. We understand this and want you to have a collage of shots along with your pals and parents while you dress up for your special day. Ask your videographer to take zoomed shots of your attire, jewelry, and footwear. Include your pet here if you have one.
With parents and grandparents: Allot a special section to feature your emotional attachment with your parents and the grandparents. If you have old videos of your childhood, share them with your videographer. He will be able to create a beautiful flashback scene.

Bride and groom’s entry: Wedding planners are getting creative with the bride and groom’s entry. Discuss your with the professional and communicate them to your cinematographer. It will be even better if the two professionals can have a meeting prior to the event.

Entire wedding: Needless to say, all the wedding rituals like varmala, kanyadaan, phera, vidaai etc. must be filmed and incorporated aesthetically in the video.

Guests: A wedding without guests is like an ocean without water. Let your candid wedding cinematographer in Delhi film all the people and fun and make your video an everlasting treasure.

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