Why can’t the victims of workplace bullying quit their jobs?

Workplace bullying has become very common these days. Since a lot of people don’t realize that their behaviors are occasionally bullying the other person, this idea of workplace bullying occasionally goes unnoticed. In many case scenarios, the employee being bullied is so disturbed that he or she may never come forth with the problem but instead find problems in their own demeanor. Workplace bullies often go unnoticed because no one dares reports an incident. Reasons for not reporting could include:

  1. Need to feel accepted
  2. Workplace cohesion
  3. Victims occasionally feel that coming forward would somehow lead to more bullying.
  4. They don’t want to become the talk of town
  5. They don’t want to be labeled as weak or fragile

If bullying is so bad, why don’t people just leave?

Victims of workplace bullying are occasionally dissatisfied with their workplaces. They feel vulnerable and wish to escape this traumatic episode altogether. However, it is often difficult for them to leave their jobs. This is especially because in their frail condition they feel somehow responsible for everything that they have been through. This in turn makes them feel incompetent and unworthy of acceptance at a new place. Sometimes these victims of bullying also don’t approach new opportunities because of lack of jobs available in the market. They would rather stay miserable than jobless. However, by not quitting and staying in their miserable states, they are occasionally making the situation worse. Some of the side effects of staying and not quitting in such a situation leads to decreased job performance, incapacity to make important work decisions, and reduced self-esteem. But with the help of monitoring applications like TheOneSpy application, workplace bullying can be monitored and extinguished.

Here’s how the monitoring applications can help

Monitoring applications like TheOneSpy application can help create an anti-bullying environment which can help employees feel safe and secure in their workplaces. Here’s how these monitoring applications can help.

  1. Monitoring communication lines within the office
    Bullying is never limited to only verbal insults and humiliation and can go beyond the physical realm. Occasionally, bullying is taking place within digital communication channels that the office uses to send and receive messages within the employers. Such channels are basically online IMs that employees can send among workers. Monitoring applications can help monitor these channels and find the culprit behind the bullying.
  2. Bugging gadgets
    If a bully has been vaguely identified, monitoring applications can be used to hear on conversations via bugging gadgets that have been provided to the employees by the company. This not only helps to make a concrete case against the perpetrator but also help understand the nature and depth of bullying taking place. This can also be used as evidence when you want to fire the bully.

    Occasionally employees tend to gather at a bar or some social hangout place to chill with their colleagues. These are perfect places for bullying to occur and the employer can easily hear and watch everything that is happening by bugging the microphone and camera of the gadgets of multiple employees. This feed can be recorded and action against all those involved can also be taken.
  3. Monitoring emails
    Bullies are also inclined towards sending humiliating material across email channels which would cause extreme discomfort to the victim. With the help of monitoring applications this can be significantly reduced as the sender can be easily identified. Complete email threads can be identified and stored on online clouds provided by the monitoring application to be later used as evidence against the bully.
  4. Checking internet activities
    Occasionally companies allow their employees to use social media sites during specified hours like lunch breaks. By monitoring internet activities, the employers can make sure that there are no groups or any heinous activities going on online on social media sites that are targeting a particular individual. Employers can identify such factors and then eliminate them to help protect the victim and boost his confidence.


It is important to identify bullying behavior in the workplace because it eventually helps protect individuals from becoming victims to social, psychological and physical trauma. Employers are usually in the position where they can easily take a stand against these bullies and help build a healthy and constructive work environment that will lead to increased productivity, self-esteem and healthy teamwork.

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