Can any medical treatment make us look like Aliens?

How much time we have all seen it, I do not know, maybe 2-3 minutes, or maybe all 10, I cannot say for sure, but then we have stood on the road, we went down to the plantation, built a campfire - was the third hour of the night. Our conversation was about what he saw, he and I had some ecstatic state, we, interrupting each other, exchanged impressions.

I purposely do not call us had seen a UFO, although I know the term and know what it means. I cannot categorically say that this is "flying saucer," but I do know that on the satellite, which I had seen before, nor plane, nor for anything else I've seen before, it does not seem.

UFO Saint - Petersburg-We has just seen a UFO with humans! Just the same, on August 28 last year! - Excitedly he said into the phone Irina Ruminates. - Lights Group changed its shape, and it is something flies ...

Irina was the first but not the last of those who watched the evening of April 8 the mysterious lights in the sky over the night Petersburg. Less than two hours, at the disposal of the UFO commission of the Russian Geographical Society, had more than a dozen messages from a variety of places. And the next day it turned out that this phenomenon was photographed and filmed by several cameras!

Lake Ladoga in the town of the Vikrant district, hung seven lights yellow, - said Mikhail Fast. - I watched the lights from about 21:50 to 23:10. They are located to the left and about 1.5 times higher above the horizon than Sirius. The weather was clear, cloudless. It began to get dark. In the sky were visible planets and the brightest stars. The lights are arranged in groups and at one point, moving slowly about each other, forming different shapes. For a while, the lights formed a triangle near Area 51 alien. At approximately 22:10, they came together, fused into one point (its dimensions are not increased), which slowly faded. Periodically I heard the rumble, like a hushed or distant thunder. 

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