Six Ways to judge an education system!

To judge an education system, several areas should be highlighted as this can enhance the credibility in good terms.

Below are six ways with which education systems can be judged:

i. Reservation or quota system:
This is a policy, which highlights that there are some reserved seats in the public as well as private institutions. This has caused a great impact in the education system. It has led to shortage of faculties; there is a massive shortage of teachers as compared to the population of students. Therefore, just because of the reserved seats by the government, an unbalance ratio is created between teachers and students. The government is helping students in this matter but still job opportunities are low. Therefore, this has a great impact on the quality of education. Secondly, because of an inadequate infrastructure, there is no proper education system and this is resulting in a great downfall of the overall education system too. Misuse of the reserved seats lead towards instability in an economy and this in the result in worse outcomes too.

ii. Syllabus:
In order to maintain good education system, syllabus should be updated periodically as advancements are coming along and this can help in improving the overall education system too. If the syllabus is proper updated then only overall education system can be enhanced and students can get chance to work in an organized education system.

iii. Primary education level:
Government should make the primary education system compulsory for everyone. This system will make all the citizens aware from the hard and fast rule of education and how to lead a contended life. In this scenario, parents and teachers are equally responsible to ensure that students are getting good knowledge and whether they are aware of the systemized education system or not. Primary education system is the basic system with which overall education level can be enhanced too.

iv. Practical based curriculum:
Today our education system is based on evaluation and in order to make students bright enough, quality education is must. For this specific purpose, practical based education is required as this is the only possible way with the help of which overall education system can be raised.

v. Subjects selection:
In order to have quality education system, subject’s selection should be made in accordance. Students should get an equal chance to select the subjects as per their own choice. Overall education system can be maintained with this only possible method. When students select subjects as per their choice, quality outcomes can surely be generated.

vi. Population of the classroom:
In order to maintain quality education, a classroom should have moderate number of students as this can help teachers while interacting with their students. By this, a teacher can also spend quality time with students and in the end; optimal outcomes can be generated.

A quality education system can be evaluated by using all the methods mentioned above. This is the only way with which overall education system can be improved and people can get better education. Every single detail related to education should be highlighted properly so that things can be molded accordingly.

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